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Description of the service

Renewing your identity card

Description of the service

À savoir

To save time, we recommend that you make a pre-application online. You must go to the municipal government office in person to complete your application. 

Find more advice on the Ministry of the Interior website

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Préparer les documents à fournir

Documents to provide

Prepare the supporting documents for your appointment at the municipal office:

  • the pre-application number and/or QR code obtained at the end of the process (to save time, we advise you to print out the pre-application summary)
  • a passport-size photo that is less than 6 months old and is an accurate likeness
  • proof of address less than one year old
  • the current ID card
    • in the event of theft: the theft report (made at a gendarmerie or police station)
    • in the event of loss: the loss report (can be made when you submit your application)
  • a €25 tax stamp (only in the event of loss or theft)


  • if the identity expired more than 5 years ago, or was lost or stolen: a valid passport or one that expired less than 5 years ago


  • if your identity card expired more than 5 years ago, or was lost or stolen and you do not have a valid passport (expired more than 5 years ago): Birth certificate less than 3 months old, unless the place of birth is in a town with a paperless vital records system


If you are a minor, you will need to provide:

  • parents' proof of address less than one year old (original + photocopy)
  • proof of identity of the parent who is applying (original + photocopy)

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Les grandes étapes de la démarche

10 minutes pour faire votre démarche

Buy a tax stamp (in the event of loss or theft) online or at a tobacconist's

You can obtain the tax stamp by credit/debit card when you pre-apply

Buy a tax stamp
Sign in or create an account
Enter the reason for the pre-application

The reason is essential for determining the content of the information required for the pre-application. It will not be modifiable thereafter

Enter your vitals

*: Mandatory field

Enter your nationality

*: Mandatory field

Enter the address and contact details

The telephone number you enter when applying will only be used to send a text message to let you know when the document is available.

Pay for the document

Be sure to check the information you have entered in the previous steps, as it will affect the amount of the payment.

Confirm the pre-application

Carefully reread the information in your summary. This is because once validated, the pre-application cannot be modified and any error may result in failure to issue your document.

Save the pre-application number and/or the QR code

You will need them when you visit the municipal office.

You must keep your pre-application number and present it when you validate your pre-application at the municipal office.

Please note that the online pre-application is valid for 12 months. You must complete your application with an appointment at the municipal office within 12 months.

Book an appointment at the municipal office.
Locate an authorised municipal office

Don't forget to show your pre-application number; without it, you will have to fill out a Cerfa form to validate your application.


Book an appointment at the municipal office.
Prepare the supporting documents for your appointment at the municipal office
Track the progress of the application

Log on to your ANTS space and enter the application number given by the municipal office in the tracking module.

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